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Diploma Thesis at HTL Mödling

At HTL Mödling students are required to complete a diploma thesis along with their Matura (final examination). These theses are done in groups of two to four and expected to amount to at least 200 hours of work per student. I chose to work with my good friend and colleague Markus Wiener under the supervision of Dipl. Ing. Dr. Michael Palka.

The following is a collection of the relevant documents alongside some descriptive statements. Both, the thesis and its presentation were written using the text formatting programme LaTeX. The presentation is available in German (original) and English.

Diploma Thesis at HTL Mödling


April 7, 2017

As part of our diploma thesis, my colleague Markus Wiener and I chose to write a textbook on structural analysis and continuum mechanics. It was of great interest to incorporate theoretical as well as practical components into the work. That being said, the most important features were a well-developed structure that is present throughout the work and a high standard. The latter was achieved by employing a rigorous mathematical formalism. Eight months, more than 800 hours and about half a million characters later, we are proud to present our work.

The book is intended for undergraduate students of construction engineering, but almost any engineering student will gain from it. Apart from mathematical maturity, virtually no prior knowledge is assumed.

Since the thesis spans around 480 pages, we were forced to split it into two parts. Except for a copy of the table of contents, the transition is seamless.

Diploma Thesis at HTL Mödling - Presentation

Dipl Arb Pres first page-page-001.jpg

April 7, 2017

In the course of the "Reife- und Diplomprüfung", students are to present and defend their work in front of a committee. The following document is the presentation I used for my defence, including first and foremost the structure of the book, the apportionment of the work via chapters as well as examples of the individual topics covered. The presentations were done separately, which is the reason why only my part is shown.

The slides were done via beamer document class in LaTeX. Most of the figures were directly taken from the thesis.

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